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Sermon Title Speaker Date Scripture
Christ in ColossiansBill McDaniel2013-05-26Col 1:14-22
The Christian ApostlesBill McDaniel2013-05-26Eph 4:1-13
Lords Genealogy - I AMBill McDaniel2013-05-19John 8:48-59
Solomon on Old Age and DeathBill McDaniel2013-05-19
The Enigma of ChristBill McDaniel2013-05-05John 7:32-44
The Curse of the LawBill McDaniel2013-04-28Exo 20:7; Lev 24:10-16
Genealogy of ChristBill McDaniel2013-04-21Mat 1
Christian View of CreationBill McDaniel2013-04-21Heb 11:1-3
A Single Second ComingTom Baker2013-04-071 Thes
Who Killed JesusBill McDaniel2013-04-07Isa 53:8; Mat 12:38-45
Is Healing in the AtonementBill McDaniel2013-03-31Mat 8:5-17
Christian Foundation of AmericaMike McNamara2013-03-24Psa 33:12; Prov 14:34
Our Christian High PriestBill McDaniel2013-03-24Heb 4:14-5:6
Philosophy Meets the GospelBill McDaniel2013-03-17Acts 17:16-21
The Unbelief of IsraelBill McDaniel2013-03-17Rom 1:16-17; Rom 11:11-15
Close Look at John 3:16Bill McDaniel2013-02-24John 3:14-17
Forgiveness of Sin - Proof of DeityBill McDaniel2013-02-24Mark 2:1-12
Divine Remedy for DepravityBill McDaniel2013-02-171 Cor 1:29-31
Gleanings in JohnBill McDaniel2013-02-17John 4:27-38
Divisions in the ChurchBill McDaniel2013-02-101 Cor 3:5-15
Objections to Sovereignty of GodBill McDaniel2013-02-03Rom 9
Are Guns the ProblemBill McDaniel2013-02-03Gen 4:1-8
Divine Foreknowledge MisunderstoodBill McDaniel2013-01-27Rom 8:28-30
Glorious Gospel of ChristBill McDaniel2013-01-272 Cor 4:1-5
The Bible and SuicideBill McDaniel2013-01-20Mat 27:1-10
Christs One Great SacrificeBill McDaniel2013-01-20Heb 10:5-14
Studies in Hebrews 10Bill McDaniel2013-01-13Heb 10:1-10
Christ and Doctrines of GraceBill McDaniel2013-01-06John 6:37-39; John 10:27-29
Equality of Son and FatherBill McDaniel2013-01-06John 14:1
RegenerationJoe Wilson2012-11-25John 3:1-15
Tolerance 3Mike McNamara2012-11-25Heb 12:14; 1 Pet 2:9-18
The Promise of the SpiritBill McDaniel2012-11-18Acts 1:1-5; Acts 2:33
Tolerance 2Mike McNamara2012-11-11Heb 12:14; Eph 4:17
A Case of ConscienceBill McDaniel2012-11-111 Cor 8:1-13
Gospel and Law ComparedBill McDaniel2012-10-282 Cor 3:7-18
Spiritual RenewalBill McDaniel2012-10-28Titus 3:1-7
The Holy SpiritTom Baker2012-10-21Eph 5:18-21; John 14:16-21
Sins of the Fathers Upon ChildrenBill McDaniel2012-10-21Exo 20:1-6
ToleranceMike McNamara2012-10-14Rom 12:18; 1 Pet 2:11-12
Mystery of Christ and His ChurchBill McDaniel2012-10-14Eph 5:21-33
Christ the Great High PriestBill McDaniel2012-10-07Heb 4:14-5:10
Abortion Weighed by Scripture 3Bill McDaniel2012-09-30Psalm 139:13-16
Sweet Odor untu GodBill McDaniel2012-09-30Eph 5:1-2
Abortion Weighed by ScriptureBill McDaniel2012-09-16Exo 21:22-25; Psa 139:13-15
The Golden CalfBill McDaniel2012-09-16Exo 32:1-8
Mercy Exhibited in InfantBill McDaniel2012-09-09Eze 16:1-14
Simeons Prophecy of ChristBill McDaniel2012-09-09Luke 2:21-40
Certainty of Gods PurposeBill McDaniel2012-09-02Isa 14:24-27; Isa 46:9-11
Cities of RefugeBill McDaniel2012-08-26Josh 20:1-9
The Trinity in SalvationBill McDaniel2012-08-261 Peter 1:1-5
The New GenerationBill McDaniel2012-08-19Judges 2:1-15
Being and Existence of GodBill McDaniel2012-08-19Gen 1:1; Psa 19:1
Evolution - Humans and ApesBill McDaniel2012-08-12Gen 1:26-27; Psa 139:13-16
I Never Knew YouBill McDaniel2012-08-12Matt 7:21-23
No Such Thing as Gay MarriageBill McDaniel2012-08-05Gen 1:27-28; Gen 2:21-24
I Obtained MercyBill McDaniel2012-07-29Gal 1:13-16; 1 Tim 1:9-16
Gods Everlasting LoveBill McDaniel2012-07-22Jer 31:1-4
The Two IntercessorsBill McDaniel2012-07-22Rom 8:26-27;31-34
Another Gospel Another JesusBill McDaniel2012-07-152 Cor 11:1-4; Gal 1:6-9
Sovereign Forgiveness of SinBill McDaniel2012-07-152 Sam 12:1-14
Apostles and Miracles TodayBill McDaniel2012-07-08Matt 10:1-8
Goel Kinsman RedeemerBill McDaniel2012-07-08Ruth 3-4; Heb 2:14-18
Resurrection of ChristBill McDaniel2012-06-24Rom 1:1-4
Deaths of the ApostlesMike McNamara2012-06-17Heb 11:32-38
The Fear of GodBill McDaniel2012-06-17Jer 32:36-40
The Sufficiency of GraceBill McDaniel2012-06-102 Cor 12:1-10
Pain and SufferingTom Baker2012-06-03Gen 3:16-17
Sin Condemned in the FleshBill McDaniel2012-06-03Rom 8:1-4
The True Circumcision #2Bill McDaniel2012-05-27Rom 2:25-29
The True Circumcision #1Bill McDaniel2012-05-27Rom 2:17-29
The ChurchMike McNamara2012-05-20Heb 10:25; Psa 133
Human Depravity According to PaulBill McDaniel2012-05-20Rom 3:1-20
Appearing of Gods GraceBill McDaniel2012-05-13Tit 2:11-15; Tit 3:1-7
Lord Converses with ThreeTom Baker2012-05-06
Offense of the CrossBill McDaniel2012-05-06Gal 5:1-11
The Sin of BathshebaBill McDaniel2012-04-222 Sam 11
What Think Ye of ChristJoseph Wilson2012-04-15Matt 22:42-46
Blessedness of ForgivenessBill McDaniel2012-04-15Psa 32:1-2; Rom 4:7-8
Jesus Our SuretyBill McDaniel2012-04-08Heb 7:20-25
Christian HomeworkTom Baker2012-04-012 Pet 1:2-11
The Order of Salvation 2Bill McDaniel2012-04-01Rom 8:30
Development of the RacesMike McNamara2012-03-25Gen 1:26-30
The Order of SalvationBill McDaniel2012-03-25Eph 1:3-5; Rom 8:28-30
The Angels' DesireKyle Baker2012-03-181 Pet 1:1-12
Three Arminian HeresiesBill McDaniel2012-03-18Matt 1:18-21
Question of Christian Holidays 2Bill McDaniel2012-03-11Col 2:13-17; Gal 4:8-11
The Prodigal SonJoe Wilson2012-03-04Luke 15:11-24
Human Depravity and Saving GraceBill McDaniel2012-03-04Gen 6:5-8
Man - God's Greatest CreationMike McNamara2012-02-26Gen 1-2
Question of Christian HolidaysBill McDaniel2012-02-19Col 2:13-17; Gal 4:8-11
PentecostalismBill McDaniel2012-02-19Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:4
Keeping the HeartBill McDaniel2012-02-12Prov 4:23
The Gentile PentecostBill McDaniel2012-02-12Acts 10:34-48
The Gift of TonguesBill McDaniel2012-02-05Acts 2:1-4; Acts 2:12-21
Fossils and InstinctsBill McDaniel2012-01-29Gen 1:24-25
Pouring Out of the SpiritBill McDaniel2012-01-29Acts 2:1-13
Holy Spirit Intercedes for SaintsMike McNamara2012-01-22Rom 8:18-39
Evolution: Worlds Greatest FraudBill McDaniel2012-01-22Gen 1:11-12,21,24-25
Holy Spirit Procured by AtonementBill McDaniel2012-01-15John 7:37-39; Acts 2:33
The Promise of the Holy SpiritBill McDaniel2012-01-15Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4
Sufficiency of Christs One DeathBill McDaniel2012-01-08Heb 9:23-28
The War Against JesusBill McDaniel2012-01-08Psalm 2; Acts 4:25-28
Gospel Reform Without SalvationBill McDaniel2012-01-012 Pet 2:18-22
The Great I AMBill McDaniel2012-01-01Exo 3:7-15; John 8:58
Prophecy FulFilled in ChristBill McDaniel2011-12-25Acts 13:26-31
When Wickedness Comes Before GodBill McDaniel2011-12-18Jonah 1:1-2
Making Shipwreck of FaithBill McDaniel2011-12-181 Tim 1:18-20
The Servant of JehovahTom Baker2011-12-11Phil 2:5-11
Wisdom of God in the GospelBill McDaniel2011-12-111 Cor 2:6-16
Just God Justifies the UngodlyBill McDaniel2011-12-04Rom 3:21-26
Value of a Good ConscienceBill McDaniel2011-12-04Acts 23:1; Acts 24:10-16
Isaiahs Very Bold ProphecyBill McDaniel2011-11-27Rom 10:19-21
Infallible Promises of GodBill McDaniel2011-11-27Rom 4:13-21
The Faith of Gods ElectBill McDaniel2011-11-20Titus 1:1-3
The Gospel and the ElectBill McDaniel2011-11-202 Tim 2:1-10
For the Sake of the ElectMike McNamara2011-11-13Matt 24:21-22; Rom 8:28-30
What Will God AcceptBill McDaniel2011-11-13Micah 6:1-9
Overview of Isa 53 - 2Bill McDaniel2011-11-06Isaiah 53:10-12
Overview of Isa 53 - 1Bill McDaniel2011-11-06Isaiah 53:1-9
Parable of the Unclean SpiritBill McDaniel2011-10-30Matt 12:41-45
Dead In Sin and QuickenedBill McDaniel2011-10-30Eph 2:1-7
When Wickedness Comes Before GodBill McDaniel2011-10-23Jonah 1:1-3
The Word Made FleshBill McDaniel2011-10-23John 1:1; John 1:14
Is the End of America at HandBill McDaniel2011-10-16Isaiah 19:11-14
Such Were Some of YouBill McDaniel2011-10-161 Cor 6:9-11
Saving RevelationBill McDaniel2011-10-09Matt 11:25-27
The Voice of WisdomBill McDaniel2011-10-02Prov 1:20-23
Natural RevelationBill McDaniel2011-10-02Rom 2:13-15
The Doctrine of AdoptionBill McDaniel2011-09-25Eph 1:1-6; 1 John 3:1-2
Comfort In Religious CorruptionBill McDaniel2011-09-25Jer 23:1-18
Great Shepherd of the SheepBill McDaniel2011-09-18John 10:1-18
Heresy of UniversalismBill McDaniel2011-09-182 Cor 5:17-21
The Making of ProselytesBill McDaniel2011-09-11Matt 23:13-15
Rotten Pillars of ArminianismBill McDaniel2011-09-11Gal 1:6-12
Never a Man Died Like This Man 2Bill McDaniel2011-09-04Matt 27:50-53; Mark 15:33
Never a Man Died Like This ManBill McDaniel2011-09-04Matt 27:50-53; Mark 15:33
The Impotence of the LawBill McDaniel2011-08-28Rom 3:1-3
The Case for MonotheismBill McDaniel2011-08-28
Who Are the People of GodMike McNamara2011-08-21John 10:14-16; Matt 28:18-20
I Am a Sinful ManBill McDaniel2011-08-21Luke 5:1-11
The Lords TransfigurationBill McDaniel2011-08-14Matt 17:1-9
The Lord Our RighteousnessBill McDaniel2011-08-14Jer 23:5-8
The Carnal Christian TheoryBill McDaniel2011-08-071 Cor 3:1-4
Parable of the VineyardBill McDaniel2011-08-07Matt 21:33-45
The Resurrection of ChristBill McDaniel2011-07-31Rom 1:1-7
Blind Leading the BlindBill McDaniel2011-07-24Matt 15:10-14; Luke 6:39
Jesus Baptism Into DeathBill McDaniel2011-07-24Luke 12:49-57
Effectual CallingBill McDaniel2011-07-17Rom 8:28-30
Ruths Resolution and Her HapBill McDaniel2011-07-10Ruth 1:6-18
The Only BegottenBill McDaniel2011-07-10John 3:14-21
Reconciling Paul and JamesBill McDaniel2011-07-03Rom 4:1-3; James 2:21-24
The Blood of AtonementBill McDaniel2011-07-03Lev 17:10-16
A Fatal DelusionBill McDaniel2011-06-26Prov 14:12
Faith Establishing the LawBill McDaniel2011-06-26Rom 3:21-31
Son Revealing the FatherBill McDaniel2011-06-19Heb 1:1-4
Does God Love EveryoneBill McDaniel2011-06-19Rom 9:10-13
Extent of Christs DeathBill McDaniel2011-06-12John 12:20-36
In Remembrance of MeBill McDaniel2011-06-121 Cor. 11:20-26
Faith Establishing GraceBill McDaniel2011-06-05Rom 4:16
Eternal Sonship of ChristBill McDaniel2011-05-29Heb 1:1-8
Christ - Grand Object of FaithBill McDaniel2011-05-29Matt. 16:13-17
The Fullness of ChristBill McDaniel2011-05-22Col. 2:9
Christ - Anointed One of GodBill McDaniel2011-05-22Luke 4:16-32
The GodheadBill McDaniel2011-05-15Col. 2:3-9
The Man Born Blind ConvertedBill McDaniel2011-05-15John 9:35-41
Christ Building His ChurchMike McNamara2011-05-08Mat 16:13-18; Mat 28:18-20
Jews Contend With ChristBill McDaniel2011-05-08John 8:30-36
Yet Remaining RestBill McDaniel2011-05-01Heb 4:1-11
Provocation in the WildernessBill McDaniel2011-05-01Heb 3:7-19
Reconciling the Two CovenantsBill McDaniel2011-04-24Jer 31:31-34
The Wilderness JourneyBill McDaniel2011-04-17Deut 8:1-20
Firstborn of the LordBill McDaniel2011-04-17Exo 11:1-10
Christ Highly ExaltedBill McDaniel2011-04-10Phil 2:9-11
Lowest Humiliation of ChristBill McDaniel2011-04-10Phil 2:1-11
Did the Jews Kill ChristBill McDaniel2011-04-03
God Dwelling On the EarthBill McDaniel2011-04-031 Kings 8:22-27
Christian KindnessKyle Baker2011-03-27Rom 12:19-21
Eternal GraceBill McDaniel2011-03-272 Tim 1:1-12
Salvation According to OT ProphetsBill McDaniel2011-03-201 Pet 1:1-12
Lamb of God Bearing SinBill McDaniel2011-03-201 Pet 1:13-21
Paul - A Vessel of MercyBill McDaniel2011-03-131 Tim. 1:1-17
Sinless Perfection - An Empty DelusionBill McDaniel2011-03-131 John 1:1-10
Central Message of the BibleJoe Wilson2011-03-06Matt. 1:21
Grace - No License to SinBill McDaniel2011-03-06Rom 6:1-2
Overview of the Epistle of JudeBill McDaniel2011-02-27Jude 1-7
The Brothers Cain and AbelBill McDaniel2011-02-27Genesis 4:1-15
The Sovereignty of GodMike McNamara2011-02-20Psalm 115:3
The Doctrine of Original SinBill McDaniel2011-02-20Psalm 51:1-5
Human Depravity and Divine MercyBill McDaniel2011-02-13Ezekiel 16:1-14
Redemption From Promise to FulfillmentBill McDaniel2011-02-13Rom 3:25-26; Heb 9:24-28
The Divinely Inspired ScriptureBill McDaniel2011-02-062 Timothy 3:13-17
The Doctrine of ReprobationBill McDaniel2011-01-30Romans 9:13-25
The Doctrine of ElectionBill McDaniel2011-01-30Ephesians 1:3-6
Eternal Generation of the Son of GodBill McDaniel2011-01-23Psalms 2:1-7
Christian LibertyBill McDaniel2011-01-23Galatians 5:1-13
Paul Defends His MinistryBill McDaniel2011-01-16Galatians 1:6-24
Political CorrectnessBill McDaniel2011-01-16Colossians 2:1-8
The Sin of Idolatry 2Bill McDaniel2011-01-09Romans 1:18-25
The Omniscience of GodBill McDaniel2011-01-09Psalm 139:1-18
The Sin of IdolatryBill McDaniel2011-01-02Exodus 20:1-6
Presence and Power of TemptationBill McDaniel2011-01-02James 1:13-15
Two Sons Not SparedBill McDaniel2010-12-05Gen 22:10-13; Rom 8:31-33
The Soundness and Trial of FaithBill McDaniel2010-12-051 Peter 1:1-9
Divine Providence ExampledBill McDaniel2010-12-26Esther 6:1-3
Christ Born of Woman - Born Under LawBill McDaniel2010-12-26Galatians 4:1-5
Jesus Claims MessiahshipBill McDaniel2010-12-19John 4:19-26
Greater Than the Temple - Lord of the SabbathBill McDaniel2010-12-19Matthew 12:1-9
What Profit is There in Infant BaptismBill McDaniel2010-12-12Matthew 28:16-20
The Faith of AbrahamBill McDaniel2010-12-12Gen 15:1-6; Rom 4:1-3
God's Providence In All ThingsMike McNamara2010-11-28Acts 15:18; Isa 46:9-11
God's Sovereign PrerogativeBill McDaniel2010-11-28Psa 130:1-4; Psa 32:1-2
The Serpent and the FallBill McDaniel2010-11-21Genesis 3:1-12
Predicted Destruction of JerusalemBill McDaniel2010-11-21Luke 23:27-31
A Justifying RighteousnessBill McDaniel2010-11-14Romans 1:14-17
Providence of God in Joseph's LifeBill McDaniel2010-11-07Genesis 37:1-28
Last Days of Jesus on Earth #6Bill McDaniel2010-11-07Luke 23:24-33
Names Written In HeavenBill McDaniel2010-10-31Luke 10:1-20
Last Days of Jesus on Earth #5Bill McDaniel2010-10-31John 18; Acts 3:13
What About the Heathens?Bill McDaniel2010-10-24Eph 2:11-12
Last Days of Jesus on Earth #4Bill McDaniel2010-10-24Luke 22:39-46
Paul On Mars HillBill McDaniel2010-10-17Acts 17:22-34
Last Days of Jesus on Earth #3Bill McDaniel2010-10-17John 14:1-14
Sovereignty Over Men's HeartsBill McDaniel2010-10-10Prov 21:1
Last Days of Jesus on Earth #2Bill McDaniel2010-10-10John 13:1-17
America Accepts HomosexualityBill McDaniel2010-10-032 Pet 2:4-8
Last Days of Jesus on Earth #1Bill McDaniel2010-10-03Matt 21:1-11

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