sermon texts

We only have a few texts available at this time. The majority of our effort is put into producing audio and video of the pastor's sermons.

The PDF texts below were transcribed using's transcription service, so there may be occasional mistakes due to the transcribing process. If these texts are of benefit to you, please let us know!

The Rotten Pillars of Arminianism
A reasonable and biblical attack on the two main tenets of Arminianism. Arminian doctrine belittles the efficacious atonement of Christ and brings the love of God to naught by man's powerful freewill. The core of Arminianism is nothing more than humanism couched in religious language.

Does God Love Everyone?
Most today believe that God loves everyone without exception. An examination of Scripture reveals differently though, specifically in the case of Jacob and Esau. There is clear distinction between the elect and the reprobate, with God loving the one and hating the other.

Justification From Eternity
The doctrine of justification (legal declaration of righteousness) is essential to understanding Christian salvation. The eternal plan of God includes the Lamb, Jesus Christ, slain before the foundation of the world.
An individual was very kind to have this sermon transcribed - we thank them for it!

Homosexuality: The Unnatural Sin
A study on what the Bible has to say about homosexuality.

The Federal Headship of Adam
A study on the imputation of Adam's sin.